California Sea Lion Zalophus californianus


Male California sea lions can grow up to 900 pounds in the summer! They eat massive amounts of food to prepare for their mating season. During mating season, sea lions pick a spot on the beach to defend and then they stay there. They don’t eat anything during this time. Instead, they focus on finding a mate.

Sea lions are fierce predators.They primarily eat fish and squid. Male sea lions can eat over 40 pounds of food per day!
Coastal ocean waters along the west coast of North America. They can also commonly be found napping on rocky beaches.

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Two of Riverbanks’ sea lions — Maverick and Ranger — were stranded and rescued on the coast of California. Common causes of stranding include illness or lack of food. After they were deemed non-releasable at a marine mammal center, they made their way to Riverbanks Sea Lion Landing.

Join Maverick during a Riverbanks Backstage Encounter.

Visit Maverick, who can seasonally weigh more than 700 lbs, at Sea Lion Landing.