Conservation is the act of preserving and protecting the earth’s animals, plants, and natural resources.

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden envisions a future where our community is a force for nature. As a community, we must work together to address the growing threats to the earth’s biodiversity locally and globally.

Our conservation strategies and actions are driven by the following beliefs:

  • We believe that the earth’s biodiversity is threatened and needs protection locally and globally.
  • We believe that meaningful education experiences provide the inspiration and knowledge to act and modify behaviors for the benefit of the earth.
  • We believe that our diverse community must work collectively towards a shared vision for conservation.
  • We believe that conservation must be accessible to audiences with disparate beliefs, backgrounds, and motivations.
  • We believe that we are responsible for using our expertise to model and lead others toward actions that positively benefit the planet.
  • We believe that strategically directing our passion for conservation can have a profound impact on the earth.