An opportunity and experience you’ll never forget.

The internship program at Riverbanks is an opportunity for college students to acquire experience and knowledge by working along side our professional staff. The experience will in no doubt benefit any future endeavors in the zoological field or related area of interest. Internships and other opportunities are available to college students in animal care, summer camp, education programs, ZooTeen program, horticulture, and other areas of request.

Individuals participating in Animal Care or Horticulture internships will be eligible to apply for The Weinkle Family Internship Scholarship. This scholarship at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden will be awarded annually to one or more students participating in a zookeeping or horticulture internship at Riverbanks. Scholarship opportunities will be needs-based and made available to future zookeepers specifically but may also be awarded to future horticulturists. Participation in either of these areas will expose students to the zoo industry as well as the field of conservation and horticulture. Interested students should submit an up-to-500-word essay describing the reason for participating in Riverbanks’ internship program and the nature of financial need.

Upon receiving the completed application, selected students will be contacted to schedule an interview. Efforts are made to place students in their area of interest.

For questions or more information, please contact the Director of Human Resources, Tracy Hughes.

Current Internship Positions (last updated on May 21, 2024)

There are currently no available positions. Please check back at a later date.

Internship Requirements

Review and consider if interested in an internship:

  • Major must be related to internship area.
  • Must be a hard worker, enthusiastic, and willing to learn.
  • Animal Care Interns must be at least 18 years old.
  • There are two levels of time commitment for college internships, but we are willing to accept students for non-credit. Level 1 college credit assigned project for 40 hours per week (minimal of 3 months.) Level 2 college credit assigned project for 20–40 hours per week (minimal of 2 months.) Non-college project for 20–40 hours per week (minimal of 2 months.)
  • A current tuberculin skin test prior to interning.
  • Must follow Riverbanks Appearance Policy. Riverbanks supplies interns with T-shirts and a nametag. Interns have the option of purchasing additional uniform items at their own expense. Interns are responsible for purchasing khaki pants/shorts and closed-toe shoes.