Western Lowland Gorilla Gorilla gorilla gorilla


Juvenile gorillas, like Riverbanks’ own Zakota and Mo, grow very quickly! They can learn to walk as soon as 5 months old! At around 18 months, they’ll start following their mothers. Zakota and Mo were both born in 2018.

Despite their large size, gorillas are mainly herbivores. They eat plants and leaves from the jungle floor and fruits.
Tropical jungles of Africa.

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Cell phones and other small electronics contain a mineral called coltan that is mined in Africa in critical gorilla habitat. You can help protect gorillas by recycling your old electronic devices at Riverbanks.

Cenzoo is our male silverback in our family troop. He can often be seen keeping a watchful eye over the activities of the troop and the antics of his two sons, Mo and Zakota.

See them at Gorilla Base Camp.